Becoming A Patron

A donation of only $5,000 can underwrite an entire one-week workshop of a Canadian play in New York, covering rehearsal and performance space, artist stipends, marketing costs and travel expenses. Any major contribution can be customized to a specific artistic initiative in order to meet your philanthropic objectives. To learn more about becoming a patron for Canadian theatre in New York, please contact Artistic Producer Dustin Olson at


“In a world that has become increasingly isolationist and divided, it is refreshing to see a company committed to cross-border collaboration and the exchange of art and artists. We sometimes take for granted that Canadians and Americans know and understand each other but I am not sure that is always true. However, through the Bridge Theatre Company we can hear Canadian voices interpreted by Americans to foster that understanding. I think through theatre we realize our similarities and appreciate our differences. I have had the benefit of living and working on both sides of the border and wholly endorse the work the Bridge Theatre Company is undertaking and personally support it as well. I hope you will do the same.”      – David Baile