Rebecca Northan Charms New York

Armed with only a clown nose and an eighteen-day run, Calgary’s Rebecca Northan has made the most out of producer Kevin (Avenue Q, In The Heights) McCollum’s efforts to “introduce her to New York”. With a pick of the week in TimeOut and some love in New York magazine’s coveted Approval Matrix to go along with the rave reviews coming in all over the web, it’s clear that, if the NYC press corps had a vote, Northan’s improvisational romp, Blind-Date, would return to Manhattan for an extended run in 2011.

A sampling of Ms. Northan’s critical conquests:

TimeOut New York: “…utterly enchanting…with any luck, this blissfully romantic and funny show will return for a longer run.” Full Review

New York Magazine: “A blind date you will actually enjoy…What the impressively self-possessed Northan manages to supply is suspense. She doesn’t smash boundaries; she erodes them gradually, and (rare for any performer) always keeps the focus on the mark.” Full Review

Bloomberg: “Most performances (I saw two) feature small talk followed by a drive to her apartment (fueled by sound effects and imagination) followed by a dollop of awkward canoodling and ending with an ingenious denouement of the relationship in full flower.” Full Review

Theatermania: “…hilarious and heartening…Rebecca Northan is performing a public service in her improv-based show.” Full Review

The Epoch Times: “For a great night out, one should check out the very funny Blind Date, an absorbing interactive show with some hilarious life lessons doled out along the way.” Full Review

For tickets to “Blind-Date”, which ends its limited run December 20, visit the show’s website. Stay tuned for a Bridge interview with Ms. Northan in the coming weeks.

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