A haiku for you, Dr. Walker

One of the big-ticket Kickstarter awards for our recent Swearing Jar project was a personalized blog post for the backer, including a haiku written by a member of the Swearing Jar team. The haiku had to mention the backer’s name, and include, appropriately, at least one curse word.

The following haiku was written by The Swearing Jar playwright/actor and all-around uber-talent Kate Hewlett specifically for our generous backer Dr. Craig Walker (another all-around uber-talent in his own right – read his blog… you’ll see).

There are many, many kind words that can be said about Craig, but perhaps in this case, it is best to let the poetry, and Kate, speak for all of us, or at least for all of the Queen’s ladies…

Craig fuckin’ Walker
Hot professors are too rare
Like flattering pants.

Thank you, Dr. Walker

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