Three (other) Fringe shows we think you should see:

Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories

What can we say, the producers of the latest enterprise from veteran One-Woman performer Faye Lane have, if nothing else, gumption. According to their preview, Beauty Shop Stories will feature “two huge celebrity guest stars” and “free prizes”. So let’s see, a 55 minute solo show with music, celebs, and free stuff? They’re practically daring you to not see it. We’re intrigued by anyone who’s not afraid to send audience expectations into the stratosphere. Also, they went to the Sears Portrait Studio for their press photos, which we think is kind of brilliant. Opens Saturday, August 14th at The Club @ LA MAMA.

Picking Palin

Writer/director Stephen Padilla gets a jump on every hollywood studio in dramatizing the meteoric rise of the Thrilla from Wasilla. Sarah Palin is, well, Sarah Palin. But it’s hard to believe that only two years ago, few people outside of Alaska (and Russia, apparently) knew much of anything about the first Tina Fey impersonator ever elected to state-wide office. Love her or hate her, she’s impossible to ignore and fascinating as hell. Picking Palin opens Friday, August 13th at the Connelly Theater.

South Beach Rapture

Taking place in real time, South Beach Rapture chronicles the chance-encounter of three strangers on a deserted stretch of South Beach (New York) during a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower, two months after September 11 (which, btw, actually happened). In fairness, we’re deeply indebted to playwright David Caudle for allowing us the pleasure of workshopping two of his recent works, Damsel and Visiting Hours, so it makes sense that we would endorse his latest endeavor. Or maybe it’s just because he’s seriously ridiculously talented. Opens Sunday, August 15th at Dixon Place.

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