New site, new look…

Amongst the many reasons we at The Bridge Theatre Company are thankful for the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is that our acceptance into the fest was the motivation we needed to overhaul our web presence. The site you are currently browsing is still a work-in-progress as we have six years worth of content to re-organize. Should you need more information on past productions or the developmental side of our organization, you can click here to visit our old site.

Expect a whole lot more in the weeks to come. We’ve already made great Fringe friends and, in addition to promoting our own wonderful submission (The Swearing Jar, by Kate Hewlett, in case it wasn’t obvious), look forward to using our new platform to support the shows we firmly believe you should patronize to make the most of your Fringe experience. To easily keep tabs on all of our goings-on, please visit our facebook page and become a fan.

That’s all for now. Be sure to vote for your favorite swear word in the poll on the right, before you leave…it‘s extremely pretty important to us.

All the best,

Esther & Dustin,
Co-Artistic Producers
The Bridge Theatre Company

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